Brooke RoneyOwner

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Drew MumfordGeneral Manager

Kyle KelseyAssets Manager

Tammy MorganAccountant


Jared HuchingsSales Manager

Rick StoryBusiness Development/Sales

Kelly ClevelandDirector of Operations/Sales

Janet WimmerSales Professional

Deni KarlySales Professional/Social Media

Dave KhwajaSales Professional

Dan BlairSales Professional

Juan OdegardSales Professional


Ryan RuddFinance

Julie JuddFinance


Holly PageMotorClothes Manager

Julie JuddMotorClothes Specialist

Kelli CarsonMotorClothes Specialist

Brandi RichardsonMotorClothes Specialist

Lauren ChristensenMotorClothes Specialist

Wendy JohnsonMotorClothes Specialist


Chris VanbibberParts Manager

Austin StilwellParts Consultant

Dick O’NeillParts to Service

Dave SagerShipping & Receiving

Brian DerflerParts Specialist

Riders Academy / Rentals

Kyle Kelsey

Porter Openshaw


Josh HillsService Manager
Advanced Technician

Mike JohnsonService Consultant

John ProwsService Consultant

Kurt ShawMaster Technician
17 Years Exp.

Hal GilchristAdvanced Technician
5 Years Exp.

Jon CarrMaster Technician
18.5 Years Exp.

Mitch ReederTechnician
1 Year Exp.

Joe WilliamsAdvanced Technician

Max JorgensonTechnician

Aaron DyerTechnician

Tyson JohnstonTechnician

Hamp HobbsPick Up & Delivery

Al ChristiansonPick Up & Delivery

Bryan VigesaaLot Tech

Social Marketing

Deni KarlySocial Media Coordinator

Geneva West Co.

Mike AmezcuaGraphic Design

Troy RobisonScreen Printing

Dan NielsonScreen Printing